Pack Popper Jolt Voodoo 3+1
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Pack Poppers Jolt Voodoo 3 + 1

Pack - Poppers Jolt Voodoo 3+1

Extra strong

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Pack - Poppers Jolt Voodoo 3+1

Extra strong

A powerful Poppers from the famous French brand Jolt- Voodoo .

With a strong aroma you will feel completely in the clouds, it will give you great orgasms as if your body were invaded by pure magic. Sensations never felt before.

After experimenting, you won't want anything else...

Bottle: 4 x10 ml

Formula: Isopropyl Nitrite, Isopentamol

According to the new European law, the import of isobutyl is prohibited. The formulas are an excellent fresh isopropyl alternative, while maintaining the same effects.

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