Double Inhaler - Magnetic Lock - Black
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Double Inhaler - Magnetic Lock - Black

Double Inhaler - Magnetic Lock - Black

Push Xtreme Fetish


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Magnetic Lock Push Double Inhaler

Impressive double inhaler with two separate inhalation chambers. In this way, inhalants can be inhaled simultaneously through both nostrils. If the two chambers are filled with different inhalants, they can be collected simultaneously with a single breath. It is ideal for even faster absorption and/or for testing and creating individual inhalation combinations.

Its charm design and convenient magnetic closure make using the double inhaler extremely quick, easy and discreet. Perfect for on the go. Opening and closing are as fast as a short blink. So fast you don't even notice. There is no comparison to the screw cap charms for individual inhalers.

unscrew the tubes - fill with cotton or filter tips (max. 5mm / 0.2") - fill with absorbent material until soaked with the aroma of your choice - reassemble - start (of course you can experiment with several flavors.)

Product Details:

Size: approx . 5*3.8*1.6cm
Leather strap length: approx. 100 cm (to be shortened individually)
Material: Stainless steel, leather

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