Poppers Aroma Topper
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Poppers Aroma Topper (small + large)

Here are 2 caps for Aroma Popper Topper with the 2 existing sizes.
Ideal to close the aroma bottle and keep it tight.

They are perfect to use the leather cleaner more serenely.

Made of ABS plastic

€32.25 (tax incl.) €32.25 (tax excl.)
Tax excluded

Adapter - Large and Small Topper.
It's a great new way to enjoy your jars and heighten the sensations thanks to the easy-insert tip and convenient flip-top lid.

With this adapter, your experience with the use of poppers will be enhanced and transformed into a more intense and surprising session.

How to use the Poppers Topper:
You only have to change the original cap/roller for the Topper L ( XL ) or S, for the period that you are going to use the Poppers.

Keep it away from sunlight and heat and clean it with water only.

Product Details:
✓ Clicking sound indicates lid is sealed
✓ High quality plastic
✓ Easy and convenient to use
✓ No awkward handling
✓ More intense sensations
✓ No direct contact with the bottle
✓ Reduces aroma evaporation
✓ Prevent spills, stains and odors

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