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CRISCO 453g 16Oz

Crisco and Anal Fisting. Thus, the lubricant reduces the friction caused by the skin and the gloves during the Fisting session. The wet fist and rectum also feel better to touch, so the lubricant also increases pleasure and prevents damage. But first, what is Fist fucking and why use lubricant like Crisco? Let's start to discover everything that Crisco lubricant is.

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Crisco has been used for decades in many of our favorite pastas. Crisco is a vegetable shortening for baking. More specifically, it is a hardened vegetable fat. This plant-based Crisco is suitable for pasta mona as well as fists.

Your mother may not know that he is also the favorite of many boys. Perhaps a much more enjoyable use of Crisco for us is to use it as a lubricant in an anal fisting session. Therefore, in terms of characteristics, it is very suitable as a lubricant for anal fisting.

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