The Venta Poppers Store has accessories available to you  Food safe aphrodisiacs to use with Poppers . Food supplements work in different ways to have the effect you want. Select the aphrodisiac that is best for you!

Never use Poppers with Viagra or similar medicines because it is very dangerous and it can lead to death.

Gold Max Oral Jelly - 7 Sachetes
Gold Max Oral Jelly is an innovative product designed specifically for men seeking a natural and effective solution to enhance sexual performance and achieve a long-lasting erection. Its powerful formula ensures fast action whenever you need it.
Kuh Nekt Pills
Kuh Nekt Pills is a male aphrodisiac in capsules, made by the same creators of the best supplements in Europe: the GoldMAX and V-XL.
GMax Power Caps - 5
G-Max Power Caps is a powerful sexual enhancer that helps men achieve an extra strong erection in 20-40 minutes.
Gold Max Instant Premium - 5 Tablets
Gold Max Instant Premium is the ultimate male enhancement product in a classic yet modern Premium packaging that men will love!
Horny Little Devil - 1 Cap
Horny Little Devil - 1 Capsule

Horny Little Devil delivers super strong erections for men.  The perfect enhancement pill for a playful party experience.

Horny Little Devil is fast acting
Horny Little Devil delivers strong erections
Improves sexual pleasure
100% natural ingredients
Improves blood flow to the sexual organs

Perfect Performer Direct
Perfect Performer Direct allows you to have erections more quickly and easily and helps the desire mechanisms by increasing dopamine levels and long-term sexual performance. They increase testosterone, dopamine and adrenal hormones responsible for sexual performance.
Testosterone Support – 60 Caps

Low testosterone is common problem in men, particularly as you age. If you’re experiencing unexplained fatigue or a reduced sex drive, you may be wondering if boosting your testosterone levels could be the answer.
GOLD MAX BLUE it is about sexual health supplements
Viper for men
Viper for Men is the perfect complement to keep your sexual health in top shape. This male supplement is indicated in case of low self-esteem, or low libido. It is also indicated to prevent erectile dysfunction since its active components, more than 6 vitamins, act in a that oxygenates the blood of the penis in a natural way, providing greater vitality.
Instant VXL 5 caps
This supplement allows faster and longer lasting erections, being very discreet and with an immediate effect.
Hard Man 4 Caps
Hard Man is a natural supplement for men. For over 7 years, we have been creating supplements for men such as the GoldMAX & V-XL ranges. Hard Man offers safe, natural ingredients packed inside quick release capsules to give maximum customer satisfaction.
Venicon for Men 4 Caps
Venicon for Men 4 CapsVenicon For Men is a sexual stimulant that has great sexual effects on a man's life.
DieHard 10Caps
DeiHard 10caps is a dietary supplement - it is a very good supplement for long, hot nights full of desire and pleasure.Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis. Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction and to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels.