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Poppers Highrise Ultra Strong Red
For those who like the blue Highrise Long you can now try this new Highrise Ultra Strong.With the same features as its brother but even more powerful!
Poppers Rush UK Strong Formula 2 Pack
2 Pack Poppers Rush UK Strong Formula 
Poppers Rush Strong Formula is a special Poppers Rush with Isopropanol and Isopropyl Nitrite
Pack 2 Poppers Lady
Pack 2 Poppers Lady

Poppers Lady is a new generation of Poppers especially for them .
Poppers Gold Rush Small Pack 2
2 Pack Poppers Rush GoldPoppers Gold Rush is the latest addition to the PWD brand . An alternative to the traditional Poppers Rush with the same quality .
Poppers Rush Pocket
New Rush - Rush Pocket with PPP - POWER-PARK PELLET
Rush Poppers Small
Poppers Rush is the best seller Of the brand PWD. A safe option with a excellent quality / price.
Poppers Rush Extreme EU Long
Try our Poppers Rusk formula, now in a Long version, for even more fun
Special EU Formula
Iron Fist Poppers
New generation poppers! The Poppers Iron Fist in aluminum bottle. This intense aphrodisiac awakens neurons and stimulates sexuality.
Phero Spray Pheromones
Last items in stock
Phero Spray is a Pheromone perfume for men. Improve your power of attraction and you will stay irresistible.
Box of 24 Poppers HighRise Long
Last items in stock

Box 24 Poppers HighRise Long - Original from Locker Room in Canada.

Pack 12 Poppers HighRise Long
12 bottles HIGHRISE LONG 30ml - Pentyl Nitrite. Economic package with special discount.