Large Poppers

The Large Poppers have the size from 24 ml and up to 30 ml. They are indicated for a large consumption and it is not very easy to carry in your pocket. Normally they stay at home and to maintain all the qualities until the end, we recommend that they remain in the fridge after opening.

Poppers Highrise Ultra Strong Red
For those who like the blue Highrise Long you can now try this new Highrise Ultra Strong.With the same features as its brother but even more powerful!
Poppers Rush Ultra Strong - Gold XL
Poppers Rush Ultra Strong - Gold is ultra ultra strong. A perfect combination was made, quickly removable and with a prolonged effect.
Poppers Gold Rush XL
Poppers Gold Rush is the latest news from Rush's line . An alternative him Poppers Rush traditional with the same quality .
Poppers Rush Ultra Strong XL
If you like the Rush , but you want something stronger for you, the Poppers Rush Ultra Strong is for you.
Poppers Original Amsterdam Gold
Original Amsterdam Gold Extra Strong is an Extra Strong Poppers for the most demanding customers.Mandatory experience!
Poppers Jungle Juice Premium XL
Jungle Juice Poppers is really powerful . The juice of the jungle will drive you wild... at least for a few moments.
Poppers Super Red Rush XL
The Super Rush XL , the Rush Extra Forte. It is an evolution of the traditional Yellow Rush with much more power!
Poppers Amsterdam Black XL

Poppers Amsterdam is certainly very appreciated all over the world! Black is stronger.
Poppers Amsterdam xl
The Amsterdam Poppers is undoubtedly highly appreciated all over the world. Perhaps the scent with the most followers due to its power. Coming from Amsterdam don't expect anything else...
Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum XL
The Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers is a very strong Poppers made in Canada to enjoy like there is no tomorrow.
Poppers Rush Black Label XL
Poppers Super Rush Black Label XL

Poppers Super Rush Black Label is a new formula of the most famous of all Poppers, the Rush Poppers .
New Super Rush Black Poppers has a new stronger form.