HighRise Poppers

The HighRise Poppers is currently the best-selling Poppers in the world.

To best serve our customers, Venta Poppers has available several versions of the HighRise Poppers and in various packages:

You can buy the following HighRise Poppers :

What is the best Poppers HighRise for you?

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Poppers HighRise Box
HighRise Box Poppers - A very powerful original Poppers from Locker Room in Canada.
Pack 12 Poppers HighRise Long
12 bottles HIGHRISE LONG 30ml - Pentyl Nitrite. Economic package with special discount.
Poppers Highrise Ultra Strong Red
For those who like the blue Highrise Long you can now try this new Highrise Ultra Strong. With the same features as its brother but even more powerful!
On sale!-30%
12 Pack HighRise Red
12 Pack Poppers HighRise Ultra Strong Red from Locker Room for resale. Economical price for the new Locker Room Poppers. You can't miss this new sales event! Stronger than HighRise Long 30ml .
Poppers HighRise Pack

High Rise Poppers Pack

Bottle: 1 x 30ml + 1 x 24ml